Depileve Eyebrow Applicators -

Depileve Eyebrow Applicators - 100ct


Eyebrow Applicators - 100ct Disposable Wooden applicators allow a thin and consistent application at a minimum cost. The clients want quick, efficient and hygienic body waxes each time they come in for a session. No matter how many successful sessions you provide your clients it only takes one failed session to lose a client. Make sure you don't lose any clients by maintaining your supplies and waxing products. Some such important tools in body waxing are these Depileve Eyebrow Applicators Dimension: 5.5" L x 0.25" W x 0.07" Thick


眉涂抹器- 100 ct 一次性木制涂抹器允许薄和一致的应用程序以最低的成本。客户要的是快速、高效、卫生机构蜡每次他们进来一个会话。不管你有多少成功的会话提供你的客户只需要一个失败的会议,失去一个客户。确保你不会失去任何客户通过保持你的供应和打蜡产品。一些这样的重要工具在身体脱毛这些Depileve眉涂抹器 尺寸:5.5 L x 0.25 W x 0.07“厚