waxaway by caron after care lo

waxaway by caron after care lotion 125ml


Waxaway After Care Lotion with Mango & Witch Hazel is a dual active formula that removes wax residue post waxing as well as calming and soothing the skin. The natural astringent Witch Hazel prevents the formation of ingrown hairs and pustules.

Enriched in Vitamins A & E, this non-greasy treatment nourishes the skin and corrects daily damage, resulting in a smooth and revitalised appearance.


Waxaway护理液后芒果&金缕梅是一个双重活性配方,去除蜡残留后上蜡以及镇静和舒缓皮肤。天然的止血剂的金缕梅阻止向内生长的毛发的形成和脓疱。< br > < br > 丰富的维生素A和E,这配方治疗滋养皮肤和纠正日常损伤,导致平滑和复兴的外观。


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