waxaway by caron after waxing

waxaway by caron after waxing oil 125ml


The essential companion to waxing with Ready to Use Strips and an ideal partner to the Waxaway range, After Waxing Oil is a high quality antiseptic post waxing treatment.

It contains pure Australian 'Thursday Plantation' Tea Tree Oil to remove wax residue, condition the skin and inhibit the formation of ingrown hairs, pimples and pustules. Waxaway After Waxing Lotion is an easily absorbed dry oil that will not stain clothing.


打蜡的必不可少的伴侣准备使用带Waxaway范围和理想的伴侣,上蜡后油是一种高质量的杀菌后脱毛治疗。< br > < br >它包含纯澳大利亚周四种植的茶树油去除蜡残留、皮肤和抑制的形成条件向内生长的毛发,丘疹和脓疱。Waxaway打蜡后乳液是一种容易吸收干油不会染色的衣服。


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