Satin Smooth Res-Q Analgesic N

Satin Smooth Res-Q Analgesic Numbing Cream - 3oz


Satin Smooth® formulates a unique numbing cream that lets you offer your clients the ultimate comfort after any waxing service. Applied immediately after waxing, this topical analgesic soothes skin, and its patented formula actually numbs the skin’s surface to relieve bumps, ingrown hair and redness.

  • Topical analgesic cream gently soothes skin after waxing, electrolysis, shaving or any other form of hair removal
  • Formula numbs skin surface and prevents bumps, ingrown hair and redness caused by depilatory
  • Recommended for use after bikini waxing
  • 描述

    缎光滑®制定一个独特的麻木奶油,让你提供你的客户最终安慰了任何脱毛服务。打蜡后立即应用,这种局部镇痛抚慰皮肤,和它的专利配方其实麻木皮肤表面,以减轻颠簸,向内生长的头发和发红。 < br > < br > 局部镇痛膏轻轻抚慰皮肤脱毛后,电解,剃须或任何其他形式的脱毛 公式麻木皮肤表面,防止颠簸,向内生长的头发和发红脱毛所致 比基尼脱毛后推荐使用