Satin Smooth Res-Q Anesthetic

Satin Smooth Res-Q Anesthetic Numbing Spray - 2oz


Sensitive areas need special care, even before waxing. Our topical analgesic spray is specially formulated for those areas. Use this soothing spray to gently desensitize your client’s skin before the treatment begins for ultimate comfort and overall customer satisfaction. The active ingredient is gentle 4% lidocaine.

  • Topical analgesic spray gently desensitizes sensitive area prior to waxing
  • Temporarily numbs the surface of the skin, and takes the sting out of waxing
  • Contains 4% lidocaine
  • Unique formula requires small amount to be effective
  • Recommended for all body areas, can be used on all types of skin
  • 描述

    敏感的领域需要特别的照顾,甚至在打蜡。我们的局部止痛喷雾是这些地区的特殊配方。使用此舒缓喷雾轻轻降低客户的皮肤在治疗开始前为终极舒适和整体客户满意度。活性成分是温和的4%利多卡因。< br > < br > 局部止痛喷雾轻轻打蜡前让敏感地区 暂时麻木的表面皮肤,需要打蜡的刺痛 含有4%利多卡因 独特的配方需要少量是有效的 建议所有的身体领域,可用于所有类型的皮肤